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Session 548 Advances in Measurement: Implicit Attitude Measures: Avoiding Social Desirability in Evaluations  

11-06-2009 11:32

Implicit methods allow the assessment of automatic attitudes using indirect measures. Implicit measures of attitudes, or automatic reactions, have been researched extensively outside of evaluation. Implicit measures include word completion, response time measures, non-verbal behavior, and most recently the Implicit Association Test (IAT). Implicit results are often weakly related to explicit (self- report) measures when social desirability concerning the attitude is involved. However, when there is no socially expected 'right' answer, there is a stronger relationship between the two methodologies. The advantage to implicit measures is they are more resistant to deception and the effect of social desirability compared to self-report measures. Disadvantages include issues of construct validity and interpretation. Types of implicit methodologies will be reviewed with specific focus on how implicit measures can add to traditional attitudinal measures used in evaluations. Theoretical application, practical concerns, and possible appropriate use will be discussed.

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