Evaluation 2020

Research on the vitality of scientific and technological talents in China—from an institutional reforming perspective 

10-24-2020 09:27

According to statistics, as of the end of 2018, Chinese total scientific and technological(S&T)human resources reached 101.545 million, and the scale continues to rank first in the world. But there are also problems such as imbalance in the structure of innovative S&T talents, the lack of world-class scientists, and the disconnection of engineering and technical talents from production and innovation practices.
Based on Fourth National Survey of Science and Technology Workers Survey Report (2017) and Academic Environmental Assessment Reports 2018, etc., this study evaluates the vitality of China's scientific and technological talents from the aspects of management system, classified evaluation mechanism, incentive mechanism and flow mechanism through literature review, case study, field investigation and expert consultation, so as to provide guidance for stimulating the vitality of scientific and technological talents.

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