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Promoting Evaluation Use: The Importance of Relationships, Stakeholder Involvement, and Interdependence 

11-19-2019 07:34

Evaluators are frequently concerned with promoting use of their evaluations, and utilization-focused evaluation (UFE) was born out of this concern. UFE promotes use through attention to evaluation tasks (e.g., the UFE checklist) and relationships but there is little attention paid to the relationships component. Stakeholder involvement (e.g., collaborative, participatory, and empowerment evaluation) has been one method by which evaluators have promoted use, but stakeholder involvement may or may not involve high quality relationships with stakeholders. Rather, the interdependence between evaluators and stakeholders needs to be examined as well as their interpersonal interactions. This study empirically tests how the relationships between evaluators and stakeholders is related to greater evaluation use through surveys with both stakeholders and evaluators working together to evaluate education and youth programs.

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