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Internal Evaluation: Observations from a Non-Profit Organization That Supports Human Services Programs in Florida 

10-15-2009 12:43

Presentation slides from AEA Conference 2009. Abstract: The classic critique of internal evaluators is that they know more and care more about programs than an external evaluator would; this situation presents them with two special challenges. The experiences of a funding agency for local human services programs in Florida suggest that the first challenge is to improve the likelihood that those programs will be successful. That process begins with the program’s design and approach to data collection, and it continues with the need to monitor the results and supply program staff with information they can use for program improvement. The second challenge occurs when writing an evaluation report, for it is necessary to avoid the perception of “carrying water” for the program. Best practices that can help ensure a high degree of credibility for reports include an organizational structure that supports independent inquiry and a systematic documentation process to substantiate all statements of fact and conclusions.

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