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Independent Consulting TIG Client Feedback Form (CFF)  

01-28-2010 09:14

The Client Feedback Form (CFF) was developed by several members of the American Evaluation Association’s TIG for Independent Consulting as a result of a desire to "walk the talk". The purpose of the CFF is to assist evaluators, including those who do not own their own consulting businesses, in gathering systematic feedback from clients on performance and satisfaction. Earlier versions of the CFF were piloted tested by TIG members with their clients. Think tank sessions conducted at AEA conferences helped to refine the content of the CFF, which is available in two versions: one that includes AEA’s Guiding Principles for Evaluators and an abbreviated CFF that includes all items except the Guiding Principles. You should use the version that best meets your needs.

The CFF is a method of gathering systematic, specific feedback from your clients about your work. As many evaluators have discovered during their use of this tool, each and every CFF completed by a client provides valuable information about how the client perceives your value and your work. Thus, use of the CFF goes beyond simply finding out whether a client is satisfied, but provides client assessments on specific dimensions of performance. It doesn't matter if you send out one CFF or more; each one can be important in your assessment of your work.

The CFF was originally designed to be completed by a client at the end of a project or piece of work. However, it also can be used during a project as a mid-course assessment. Please note that the instructions encourage the client to complete the form whether the consultant's service was a program evaluation or some other kind of work (e.g., design of a product; technical assistance, etc.). Once completed, the client should return the CFF to you so that you can use the results in your continuous quality improvement efforts.

We are interested in knowing how widely the CFF is being used and how evaluators perceive its usefulness. Therefore, we would very much appreciate your notifying one of the developers if you use the CFF and whether or not the results were of value to you. Our e-mail addresses are printed below.

We hope that you will use the CFF with your clients, and we look forward to continuing our professional discussion about how we evaluators can "walk the talk".

Acknowledgements: The CFF was developed by the following individuals on behalf of the American Evaluation Association’s TIG for Independent Consulting:

Jo Ann Doino–Ingersoll, Strategic Research, LLC

Jean Haley, Haley Consulting Services

Kathleen Dowell, Partners in Evaluation & Planning, LLC

Julie Chambliss, Chambliss & Associates, Inc

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