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Fostering Success: Evaluating the sine qua non collaboration of the New Hampshire foster parent training program and the use of CEIF to educate stakeholders 

10-12-2013 17:36

Abstract The State of New Hampshire’s Division of Children, Youth, and Families (NHDCYF) and the Education and Training Partnership (ETP) at Granite State College provide a collaborative licensing training program for foster caregivers. The Fostering Success study examines the efficacy of this training program. As the study progressed, it was clear that quantifying data and tracking the types of training foster parents have participated in does not reveal the true story of whether or not specific trainings contribute to positive placement outcomes for children in care. Will framing the Fostering Success study within the Collaboration Evaluation and Improvement Framework (CEIF) (Woodland & Hutton, 2012), help this sine qua non collaboration understand how their overlapping organizational structures work to influence their goal of educating foster parents to meet the challenges of parenting children in care?

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