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Financial Assistance Is The Need Of the Hour! 

05-22-2020 09:23

The national administration made this decision through five decrees published today in the Official Gazette , with the signature of President Alberto Fernández , the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero , and the Minister of Economy , Martín Guzmán .


These advances are on account of the respective participations in the proceeds of the national taxes subject to distribution or of the amounts provided for in the Federal Commitment, the Government clarified in the recitals.


And they will accrue interest on balances, from the date of their disbursement to that of their effective return, according to the rate and the mechanism established therein


The first decree published in the Official Gazette, on 23/2020 orders Chubut to attend for 1,000 million pesos to attend "immediate solutions to the transitory financial difficulties that the aforementioned province is going through".

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