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Evaluating the Connecticut Dealer Incentive for Electric Vehicle Sales 

12-12-2016 18:51

Slides from Evaluation 2016 session Abstract: Dealers are sometimes perceived to be an impediment to sales of electric vehicles (EVs). They face a variety of hurdles that must be overcome, including: increased salesperson training requirements in the face of high employee turnover, increased consumer education requirements, opportunity costs relative to more profitable conventional-vehicle sales, facility adaptations, etc. The Connecticut statewide EV consumer rebate program includes two innovative features that may help: 1) a separate monetary incentive for dealers, and 2) the ability of the consumer to assign the consumer rebate to the dealer at the time of purchase. The latter not only helps make the rebate more immediate to consumers, but might also give dealers an additional tool to help “make the deal.” This analysis begins the evaluation of those novel features. First, dealer program participation over the first 15 months of the project is summarized, including the amount and distribution of dealer incentives issued across dealerships, and the rate and distribution of consumer rebate assignment. Next, a framework describing the ways in which the dealer incentive and rebate assignment are impacting sales within the dealership is presented. It is based upon a mixed methods research approach utilizing 1) interviews and 2) a survey of participating dealership management and sales personnel from a variety of dealership types, including those producing both “high” or “low” EV sales rates. The framework and related findings describe how these innovative program features are functioning and the ways in which they are, and are not, thought to be impacting EV sales.

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