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Eval2014 - Presentation: Reconciling tensions between accountability and learning: A role for process quality? 

10-24-2014 17:24

Summary of draft paper presented at the AEA conference 2014: Over the last decade and a half, the nonprofit sector has been strongly influenced by two parallel movements: calls to increase accountability of nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) on one hand, and efforts to enhance learning and organisational adaptation on the other. Both are intimately linked to evaluation, which can provide an evidence base to demonstrate results to key stakeholders and from which to identify lessons and adapt future practice. While not inherently in opposition, accountability and learning agendas can create substantial tensions in practice. In this presentation, we characterise the competing expectations generated by these agendas and propose process quality outcomes as a more feasible, relevant way to assess complex development and influencing interventions over relatively short time frames. Grounded in specific examples from current practice, process quality outcomes offer the opportunity to enhance outward accountability and identify how future processes may be more effective.

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