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Eval14: Making Focus Group Data Actionable: Strategies for Reporting  

10-22-2014 17:21

Focus groups are an important and useful qualitative research method for evaluators to have in their toolbox. Many resources exist to help evaluators learn various tricks of the trade for organizing and moderating focus groups as well as analyzing the data retrieved. However, there is limited information on how to efficiently and productively report focus group findings. For example, how can you present the data to make them actionable? How does context and audience alter the delivery of focus group information? In this presentation, we will explore several ways to present focus group information that is actionable and context-specific. The reporting techniques have been used for focus groups with health and education training programs and include strategies for reporting both one time and longitudinal focus group data. Although this talk will specifically be centered on focus group reporting, many of the strategies introduced apply to reporting qualitative data more generally.

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