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Eval13: Multipaper Session 962 - Design and Implementation of Culturally Responsive Monitoring and Evaluation System for a Multisite Training Program 

11-11-2013 20:42

How to design and implement a multisite monitoring and evaluation systems to evaluate a training program for one of the most diverse workforces within the US school system: the school nutrition staff, where different levels of education, nationalities, and languages converge? Building on the assumption that workplace training and education is for the learner to adopt a change in behavior (Rogers, 2003) and that evaluation should help to document such a change, the authors share with participants their approach to building a robust M&E system for a federally-funded, multisite, training program for school nutrition personnel. Participants will walk away with a comprehensive guide for designing and implementing a multisite monitoring and evaluation system that includes needs assessment, process evaluation, and outcome evaluation, and use of Open Source data collection instruments.

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