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Eval12 Session 779: Innovating and evaluating in the complex Brazilian context: the Roberto Marinho Foundation Telecurso experience 

10-25-2012 08:39

In Brazil, efforts to combat social and educational inequalities have included its recent policy to universalize education. A complementary, non-governmental effort by the Roberto Marinho Foundation (RMF) seeks to reach non-responsive or difficult-to-reach populations through a non-traditional socio-educational intervention program. In this move towards social transformation, the RMF is as committed to evaluation as it is to its innovative actions. Evaluation is mandatory in its projects, conducted both from internal and external perspectives. Beyond formative and summative roles, evaluation often takes on a developmental posture, capturing and consolidating the projects innovative action in motion. Conducted by a multi-disciplinary team, evaluations relationships and responsibilities are guided by local and national policy needs for information and by information relevance to target audience. This paper will discuss challenges to evaluation in three RMF projects as it attempts to meet the quality standards and the guiding principles, working within the surrounding ecological complexity.

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