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Eval12 Session 346: Applying Social Network Analysis to a Network of Ideas  

11-07-2012 11:37

Concept Mapping is a method that creates a visual representation that illustrates the thoughts, ideas, or planned actions that arise from a group of stakeholders on a particular issue. Social Network Analysis is a method that likewise creates a visual representation of data; a network map typically represents people and the connections, or lack thereof, between these people. While the goals of these two methods differ, the underlying data structures are similar; a network of relationships between data elements. Social network analysis is explored here as a supplement to concept mapping. A secondary analysis of a concept map was conducted using social network analysis.

#SocialNetworkAnalysis #HealthEvaluation #2012Conference #conceptmapping #ResearchonEvaluation #MixedMethodsEvaluation #DataVisualizationandReporting

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