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Eval12 Session 266: An Example of Court-ordered Education Evaluation to Test Constitutionality and Drive Policy: The Relationships, Relevance, and Responsibilities in the Meaningful Exposure Project  

10-24-2012 17:20

The Meaningful Exposure to Non-Tested Curriculum in Alaska Project was a result of a court order issued to the State of Alaska Department of Education and Early Development (EED) in the Moore v State of Alaska case. The purpose of the Meaningful Exposure project was to conduct an overall inventory of students’ exposure to curriculum content represented by nine non-tested Alaska Content Standard Areas: Geography, Government and Citizenship, History, Skills for a Healthy Life, Arts, World Languages, Technology, Employability, and Library/Information Literacy. The study resulted in a report of findings for each of five rural Alaska school districts prepared for Alaska EED and submitted to the Alaska Superior Court.

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