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Eval12 Session 227: Navigating Complex Ecologies - The Pathways to Employment Systemic Review 

10-14-2012 21:12

Pathways to Employment (PTE), Minnesota’s federal Medicaid Infrastructure Grant, brought together people with disabilities, employers, businesses, government, and providers to increase competitive employment of people with disabilities and to meet Minnesota’s workforce needs. The purpose of the Systemic Review was to: - Represent PTE and its accomplishments to multiple constituencies, including Department of Human Services’ management, leaders in other state agencies, governor’s office, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and other federal agencies, policy makers, the press, and the public. - Support transition activities during 2011, the final year of the grant. - Ensure sustainability of the progress made by PTE-inspired initiatives. - Encourage on-going investment in infrastructure to support competitive employment of people with disabilities in Minnesota. This presentation describes the design of the systemic review, outlines implementation challenges, and shares lessons learned.

#HumanServicesEvaluation #GovernmentEvaluation #2012Conference #ProgramTheoryandTheoryDrivenEvaluation #QualitativeMethods #Cluster,Multi-SiteandMulti-LevelEval #DisabilitiesandOtherVulnerablePopulations #AdvocacyandPolicyChange #SystemsinEvaluation #SocialWork #MixedMethodsEvaluation

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