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Eval11 Session 992: Narrowing the Gap: Examining the social and economic gaps among a random sample of direct service participants 

11-02-2011 19:37

First 5 Monterey County implemented a longitudinal parent interview evaluation study that allowed evaluators to look at how the relationship between social and economic family characteristics and program and child outcomes changed over one year. The study involved the administration of a parent interview with 172 randomly selected newly enrolled families. Baseline data was collected in 2008-09 and again from the same parents one year later. There were three main findings: 1) intensive interventions were accessed at a significantly (p<.01) higher rate than at baseline by Latino families with less than a high school education, families whose primary language is Spanish, and families who have household annual incomes of less than $30,000, 2) families with those same characteristics were reading and engaging with their children significantly more (p<.001), 3) the social and economic disparities gap seen at baseline across program indicators appeared to narrow after one year.

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