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Eval11 Session 570: Building Coalition and Evaluator Evaluation Capacity to Measure Community and Systems Change: A Local Evaluator Perspective 

11-08-2011 15:18

Evaluation of community collaborative efforts is evolving. Previously, evaluation primarily focused on process (e.g., membership satisfaction and collaborative functioning) and distal outcomes (e.g., behavior change). However, there is a growing understanding of the process by which coalitions contribute to distal outcomes that now includes creating systems/community changes. These systems/community changes appear to be intermediate outcomes needed to influence long-term outcomes of improvement in health and well-being for the community. While this appears to have great value, both collaboratives and evaluators lack tools, resources and knowledge to incorporate this additional level of data and tracking to their existing evaluation efforts. This session will provide three examples of efforts to build both collaborative and evaluator capacity to measure and evaluate a collaborative’s success at facilitating community/systems changes. National and local evaluation perspectives will be presented, and this session will allow time for discussion on challenges and potential solutions to address these obstacles.

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