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Eval11 Session 370: Building Project Leaders’ Evaluation Capacity Through a Mentorship Group Model 

11-03-2011 22:13

While project leaders typically do not have a formal evaluation background, their roles often include planning and implementing an evaluation of their projects. To address this knowledge gap, an evaluation mentorship group was formed to build capacity among project leaders. This session will explore this model and share the experiences of a facilitator and a participant. The mentorship group effectively brought project leaders together to improve their understanding and commitment to project evaluation, as well as building their capacity to be “local experts” for other project leaders. Project leaders who benefited the most were individuals with an intrinsic interest in evaluation, a commitment to learning, and an active project. Having projects in different stages of development was a challenge to effective mentoring in a group setting. Suggestions for changes to the mentorship group model and ideas on how the model can be applied in a different setting will be discussed.

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