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Eval10 Session 800: A radically different approach to evaluator competencies 

11-29-2010 16:21

This presentation outlines the challenges and opportunities associated with a radically different approach to the development of evauator competencies. In Aotearoa New Zealand the local Evaluation Association (anzea) has launched the development of a project on evaluator competencies and standards that puts culture, cultural values and valuing at the centre of the framework in the following important ways: 1. By requiring evaluators to understand and be able to apply evaluation specific methodologies including being able to apply cultural and other values into the very definition of valuable outcomes and other aspects of programming 2. By requiring evaluation processes and methodologies to be culturally appropriate for the context in which evaluation happens. anzea’s approach recognises that a fundamental feature that distinguishes evaluation from any other profession is that values lie at the heart of it. anzea’s framework recognises that cultural values are other values are central to the validity of evaluative conclusions as well as to the appropriateness of the evaluation process and therefore should be at the centre of any framework of evaluator competency or quality.

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