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Establishing Guidelines to Support Organizational Participation in an Empowerment Evaluation 

11-20-2015 17:03

Empowerment evaluation is defined as the use of specific concepts, techniques and evaluation findings to promote positive individual, programmatic, and community change (Fetterman, 2001). While conversations in the field have focused primarily on explicating the evaluation processes that contribute to empowerment outcomes (Cousins & Whitmore, 1998; Wandersman et al., 2005), little guidance has been provided on how to navigate the challenges experienced when implementing an empowerment evaluation. More specifically, there is a need to identify best practices for supporting organizations as they transition from a more traditional participatory evaluation approach to an empowerment evaluation. Building on our experience conducting a parent empowerment evaluation within an early education context, evaluators from The Evaluation Group will facilitate a roundtable conversation to discuss common pitfalls and successful strategies to support organizations through the uncomfortable experience of relinquishing evaluation control to their participants in an effort to foster program improvement and self-determination.

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