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CBD137: Overview of Rainbow Framework for Evaluation – Irene Guijt 

05-07-2013 07:17

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This webinar, part 1 in an 8-part series, provides an overview of the tasks involved in planning and conducting an evaluation. These tasks are grouped into 7 clusters shown in the BetterEvaluation ‘Rainbow Framework’. An evaluation plan sets out how to (1) Define what is to be evaluated, (2) Frame the boundaries of the evaluation, (3) Describe activities, outcomes, impacts and context, (4) Understand Causes of outcomes and impacts, (5) Synthesize data from one or more evaluations, (6) Report and Support Use of findings, and (7) Manage the evaluation. In each webinar, the expert presenter will discuss one of the evaluation steps in the framework and outline the tasks involved, options for carrying out those tasks, and resources from the BetterEvaluation site that can assist any evaluator. All webinars in this particular series are open to the public.

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