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An ‘Accidental’ Evaluator’s Journey 

11-25-2019 11:10

As more and more non-profits become data-driven, there are more “accidental evaluators” working inside non-profit organizations. Without having formal education in evaluation, accidental evaluators can have an unclear professional path both outside and within the organization. 

Non-profit organizations can be a challenging place to work and create change, as staff tend to juggle multiple priorities. Internal evaluation often takes a back seat but can provide credibility to the organization, help tell the story of the mission, and drive programs to be more efficient and effective. 

The two facilitators are accidental internal evaluators who began in the non-profit field in very different positions. They also work together to encourage other internal evaluators to join forces and collaborate on ways to elevate the field. Bring your resources, stories, and ideas to collaborate on how we, as accidental evaluators, can find our paths forward.

These slides contain the resources that participants in the session identified as being useful to them as well as gaps that they have faced. #Eval19 #2019Conference


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