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AEA 2019Workshop Slides - Building Capacity to Learn 

11-21-2019 17:56

Organizational learning requires a different set of skills than carrying out evaluation projects. Foundations and nonprofits increasingly understand the need to be adaptive and responsive to ever-changing conditions, and that requires a commitment to ongoing learning. Too often, however, the ingredients of learning are not well-understood or valued. Rigorous learning is not a technical problem solved by simply having the right tool, the right template, or even the right data and findings at hand. Instead, learning is an ongoing way of working and thinking, a set of habits that are supported by a whole range of factors that shape a learning culture. There is no simple recipe for creating a learning culture within your own organization, and for foundations hoping to learn with grantees, this can be even more complex. It is not easy to break habits, particularly if we like them, and embrace new ways of working. But if we are really committed to learning, then the way we work has to support it. This practical session will help attendees become more skilled in sensing and influencing the factors shaping a learning culture, and in the craft of creating an enabling environment for learning both internally and between organizations. In particular, we will explore ways to make learning plans more intentional and more collaborative, as well as how consultants and internal evaluation staff can influence the learning habits and cultural factors that shape how  foundations and grantees work and learn together. During the session, we will walk through a set of activities, while sharing strategies and tips for how to enable both organizational learning and learning relationships between partners. 

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