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AEA 2019 - Evaluation of a symptom management intervention 

11-20-2019 10:32

Presentation describing the process of evaluating implementation of an EHR-enabled system management intervention for patients with cancer

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Patients with cancer experience a range of disease- and treatment-related symptoms that affect physical function, quality of life, and adherence to recommended care. Disparities in symptom management are especially acute for patients who are elderly or live in rural communities. Our team is implementing and evaluating an electronic health record (EHR)-facilitated system for gathering patient-reported symptom information and determining symptom management needs. EHR clinical decision support facilitates care during and between clinic visits by delivering summary reports and guideline-adherent recommendations to the care team and supporting patients with either self-management education or referral to nurse symptom care managers based on symptom burden. This presentation describes a health equity implementation framework the team has included in the cluster-randomized pragmatic clinical trial design. This approach focuses attention on intervention access, acceptability, and experience among patients who are rural or elderly. This includes the manner in which patients interact with clinical team members.