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AEA 2015 Presentation: Developing the Infrastructure for Sustainable Community-University Partnerships 

11-29-2015 16:27

Two driving factors help foster exemplary community-based evaluation: (1) the formal preparation of evaluators who understand what it means to work effectively in communities, and (2) the creation of evaluation processes and products that are inclusive and respond to community-based stakeholders. One promising approach to building responsive and relevant evaluation is through university-community partnerships that connect evaluation certificate and degree programs with projects and clients in the real world, enabling students to learn evaluation skills in settings like those in which they will ultimately practice. This presentation highlights one of four such partnerships presented at the AEA 2015 conference. Each presentation describes the context and history of the collaboration, the organizational and collaborative inputs, the partnership engagement process, and its desired outcomes, as well as existing evidence regarding their achievement. Common factors as well as unique aspects are highlighted, with special emphasis on factors supporting the collaborations and their special challenges.

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