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AEA 2013 #548: When People Move: Using Cross-Classified and Multiple Membership Growth Curve Modeling in Non-Hierarchical Multilevel Data Structures 

10-16-2013 17:26

Slides for Demonstration Session 548 (AEA 2013), Friday, 10/18, 1:45-2:30 pm, Columbia 1. Abstract: Frequently in evaluation settings we encounter situations where participants belong to multiple clusters (e.g., schools or classrooms) over the course of study. Student mobility between schools has a negative relationship with academic performance and thus may confound evaluation findings. The importance of using appropriate modeling strategies in these situations has been demonstrated in the research literature (Grady & Beretvas, 2010; Luo & Kwok, 2012). This demonstration explains the concepts of multiple membership and cross-classification and demonstrates the use of a multilevel modeling software package (MLwiN) to account for these data structures in analyzing repeated measures data. Some familiarity with multi-level modeling is assumed.

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