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Adventures of an Evaluator - Why Recreate the Wheel? The Promises and Pitfalls of using Administrative Data in Multisite Formative Evaluations of Peer Interventions 

12-19-2019 12:05

Using administrative data can be an excellent way to gather evaluation data while minimizing clinic data collection burden.  When clinics do not have electronic records, automating data collection can even streamline clinic workflows while creating administrative data for evaluation use.  Regular access to integrated data also allows for frequent reporting for formative evaluations to stakeholders so that interventions may be adjusted as needed.  However, gathering data across organizations and technology platforms can be complicated, especially when organizational procedures are shifting.


In this presentation, we’ll share how SEC established an integrated data collection platform across five opioid substance use treatment programs that leveraged technology and streamlined clinic workflows. This includes a brief review of data management tools and discussion of lessons learned.  We’ll also share lessons learned when statewide regulatory changes drove changes to administrative systems that impacted our data collection workflow.

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Full panel presentation of Adventures of an Evaluator: Reflections on different methods for conducting process evaluations of peer interventions in substance use treatment