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Adventures of an Evaluator - Peers on the Move: A Survey of Peer Training Needs 

12-19-2019 12:00

Building upon the knowledge gained during a previous evaluation of peer support interventions, SEC has developed and implemented a survey to identify the training needs of hospital-based Peer Recovery Coaches (PRCs). The goal is to identify PRCs’ and PRC Supervisors’ perspectives on the type of training needed for PRCs to be successful in their jobs. The stakeholders are included in all the steps of the survey development and implementation from defining the topic list and reviewing the questionnaires to drafting the introduction emails to respondents and figuring out the logistics of survey distribution. The evaluation team prioritizes transparency and the incorporation of stakeholder feedback into processes and practices, including keeping them actively engaged along the way. This presentation focuses on the methods used for conducting the survey, collecting and analyzing data, and writing reports.

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Full panel presentation of Adventures of an Evaluator: Reflections on different methods for conducting process evaluations of peer interventions in substance use treatment