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2375 : Practical strategies for using Theory of Change as an evaluation and program management tool (Theories of Evaluation) 

11-06-2019 17:34

This session explores how organizations have found practical application for their theory of change, challenges they have, and the implications are for Theories of Change in the future. In the first case, an organization had recently developed a Theory of Change and used it to understand evaluation results. In the second case, several organizations (funder and grantees) co-developed a Theory of Change and used it to drive both evaluation and operational decisions. In the final case, evaluation results were used to help articulate an overarching theory of change for the organization. Each of these cases found varying levels of relevance – and practicality – in their Theory of Change. We will discuss the implications for further theory of change work and engage participants in a discussion of what should come next for our field.

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