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2012 Summer Institute Session Offering 19: What Can Qualitative Software Do for My Research? 

06-14-2012 16:05

This workshop introduces participants to the capabilities of qualitative data analysis software and some strategies for assessing when it can and should be used in projects. The workshop uses a dataset developed in an actual qualitative study to illustrate the application of NVivo software in the analysis and reporting process. The course is NOT a hands-on software training. The workshop is a highly interactive session to discuss qualitative methods questions and what role software can - and cannot - play in answering those questions and to show participants what kind of analyses and reports can be generated. The course will be useful for individuals both with, and without, any prior qualitative analysis experience. You will learn: The pros and cons of using qualitative data analysis software, How, when, and why qualitative data analysis software can strengthen a study, The types of reports that can be generated by qualitative data analysis software, How to understand qualitative data analysis reports. Audience: Individuals who conduct or oversee qualitative (or mixed methods) research. Cynthia Jacobs is the Americas Regional Manager for Training and Research Consultancy at QSR International. Cynthia holds a doctorate in Education from the University of Massachusetts Lowell where she began her work with NVivo, including the development of training strategies, methods and materials for the software. Lisa LeRoy is a Senior Associate in the Public Health Practice of Abt Associates and serves as co-Director of the Qualitative Methods Center, responsible for staff training and quality assurance for qualitative research methods. Ilana Ron is an Associate in the International Health Division of Abt Associates and serves as the Co-Director of the Qualitative Methods Center. At Abt, Ilana has led numerous qualitative and mixed methods studies that examine health-seeking behavior and attitudes of clients and health providers in the developing world.


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