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2012 Summer Institute Session Offering 15: Dissemination and Implementation Research 

06-13-2012 16:08

We will be focusing on the evaluating efforts associated with the process of moving from pilot or demonstration projects into widespread practice. Issues associated with this process include the following: Packaging the program for potential users Marketing/disseminating the program to the potential users Building capacity to select and use effective interventions Understanding the decisions involved in adopting a new program Maintaining quality control over multiple implementation sites Facilitating and measuring implementation Considering the balance between fidelity and adaptation Scaling up efforts to achieve public health impact Each of these issues is a possible focus for evaluation research questions. Among these are the following questions are the following: What characteristics of the message, its delivery agent, modality, and its recipient lead to the most successful dissemination efforts? What characteristics of programs, organizations, their mutual contexts, and resources affect the decision to adopt a program? What characteristics of programs, organizations, their mutual context and resources affect effective implementation (and related constructs such as fidelity and adaptation)? How do the processes and level of implementation act as moderators and/or mediators in understanding program outcomes


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