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2012 Summer Institute Session Offering 1: Methods for Analyzing Change Over Time 

06-14-2012 12:03

We will focus on a variety of methods for analyzing change in outcomes over time, including the traditional fixed effects methods of pre/posttest ANCOVA and Repeated Measures ANOVA; the slopes-as-outcomes individual regression analysis approach; and multilevel modeling and random coefficients models. The purpose of the workshop is to explore the conceptual underpinnings of these different approaches to assessing change, and to compare the kinds of statistical information one is able to glean from these types of analyses when addressing questions of change. We will discuss what it means to measure change, how each method attacks that task, and how to determine which measure to use in a given situation since each method has its strengths and weaknesses with respect to its conceptual approach, parameter estimation, precision of estimates and handling missing data. Due to the nature of the topic, the majority of the workshop will involve presentations. Conceptual information, statistical output and graphs will be shared in a give-and-take format, where participants bring their own questions and concerns about analyzing change over time. Demonstration of how to set up longitudinal data for the different analytical methods will be included as well as interpreting statistical output.

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