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2012 Summer Institute Session Offering 10: Assessment and Action Planning for Sustainability 

06-19-2012 11:24

Leaders and managers understand the challenges of keeping programs running over the long term. These challenges stem from a multitude of factors, such as financial and political climates, aspects of the organizational setting, or elements of program evaluation. This session will introduce the Program Sustainability Framework and Assessment Tool, developed by a team at Washington University in St Louis’ Center for Tobacco Policy Research. The Framework identifies eight domains that are critical to a program’s long term capacity for sustainability. The assessment tool allows practitioners and stakeholders to rate their programs in each of the eight sustainability domains, identifying areas of strength and weakness. With knowledge of these critical factors, stakeholders can build program capacity for sustainability and position their efforts for long-term success. The assessment tool was developed for use with public health, clinical care, or social service programs at community, state, and Federal levels. The presentation will explore the various components of sustainability and give participants a chance to practice using the Tool to assess the sustainability of their own programs. The presentation will also cover how to use results from the Tool to guide sustainability action planning, including prioritizing tactics and resources to create a stronger, more secure program. All of this will be done in a very interactive setting with small group application and discussion. NOTE: Slides are not available for public posting but you are welcome to download the Program Sustainability Assessment Tool, Framework, and planning template directly from the website at http://cphss.wustl.edu/Projects/Pages/Sustainability-Framework-and-Assessment-Tool.aspx.


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