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1461: Practical experience, conclusion and Enlightenment of China's innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base evaluation 

10-26-2020 06:57

Authors: Yu Zhao, Fujun Ren, Yuanhui Deng (National Academy of Innovation Strategy, CAST) Abstract: In 2016, the Chinese government began to build 120 state-level demonstration bases for innovation and entrepreneurship, aiming to promote innovation-driven economic development involving regions and industries. The National Academy of Innovation Strategy, as a third-party evaluation institution, has carried out evaluations of 120 innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration bases in 2016, 2018 and 2019 to continuously track the development and changes of the bases characteristics, trends and problems, which in turn help us to grasp the current development of innovation and entrepreneurship in nationwide. Based on the characteristics of these bases, this paper introduces the policy basis, evaluation framework, organization mode and relevant conclusions, aiming to provide China's case and experience summary on how to evaluate similar entities in the context of global innovation and entrepreneurship, and help the development of China's innovation and Entrepreneurship by the evaluation. At the same time, our evaluation work can also provide one kind of reference for international counterparts to carry out the similar job, and share our experience and practices.

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