Leadership Roles & Responsibilities

Voting Procedures and Guidelines

The STEM Education and Training TIG elects its leadership team every year, and leadership team members are elected into a two year term. Current Chairs and Webmasters serve in a leadership role in their respective areas. During the first year of the two-year term, Incoming Chairs and Webmasters will assist the Current Chair or Webmaster, in preparation for taking on those duties in a primary position in the following year. As a result, all elected leaders will serve in a two-year rotation, first as an incoming (junior) leader and in the subsequent year as the current (senior) leader in the role.

Other volunteers are certainly welcome to serve on the leadership team and contribute to the efforts and activities, outside of these 3 specific roles, at the discretion of the Chair. Those who are interested but not able to commit to joining the leadership team are also welcome to participate in leadership team telecons and other activities on an ad hoc basis, again at the discretion of the chair.

Leadership Team Responsibilities

During the formation of this TIG, the leadership team at the time delineated 5 main planned activities, the successful implementation of which are the key responsibilities of the leadership team:
  • Design and conduct professional development activities and programs for a diverse community of STEM education evaluators through the AEA national conference and other online and conference venues.
  • Maintain a website of online resources in support of our professional development and collaborative efforts.
  • Periodically communicate with TIG members to inform them of opportunities and resources for STEM education evaluators and upcoming AEA sponsored programs and events.
  • Hold an annual business meeting at the AEA national conference to highlight ways to advance the field and coordinate on-going communication and professional development activities.
  • Contribute to the annual conference program by coordinating program sessions on STEM education evaluation.

Responsibilities of the TIG Chair, Program Chair, and Webmaster

In addition to the above general responsibilities, the TIG has also delineated 3 roles with specific responsibilities:

  1. TIG Chair/Incoming Chair: The Chair is responsible for organizing and facilitating the ongoing business of the TIG throughout the year, and for setting and implementing TIG priorities and strategies. This includes leading biweekly telecons held among the leadership team and others whom the Chair has invited to participate. This ongoing responsibility also involves overseeing the content of the annual TIG Business Meeting at the AEA conference. The Chair serves as the liaison between AEA and the TIG leadership/membership and ensures ongoing communication and outreach. The Chair is also responsible for recruiting members and for pursuing new relationships with other TIGs. Finally, the Chair is responsible for inviting additional members to the leadership team.

  2. Program Chair/Incoming Program Chair: The Program Chair is responsible for assembling a robust program for the annual conference and for participating regularly in leadership team telecons. The Program Chair issues a call for proposals specific to the TIG, then arranges for proposal reviewers and administers a proposal review system. The Program Chair uses the results of these reviews to determine the final program recommendation, then submits the program book to AEA so that the final schedule can be set. Because of the compressed schedule for submission and review of proposals, the Program Chair is committed to a series of major responsibilities and time-intensive tasks in the spring. The current AEA schedule concentrates this effort from the middle of April to the beginning of May, though this schedule is subject to change as AEA requirements change. Volunteers for this role should be prepared for major, time-sensitive responsibilities following the annual call for the proposals.

  3. Webmaster/Incoming Webmaster: The webmaster is responsible for maintaining the STEM TIG page on the American Evaluation Association website. The webmaster attends biweekly telecons held among the leadership team and ensures that all relevant materials or communications are reflected on the website. The webmaster updates or removes content to keep the website timely and orderly, and to build over time a library of online resources helpful and relevant to the TIG’s membership. Ideally the webmaster carries out additional duties related to digital communications, including building a community on the TIG’s LinkedIn group. Knowledge of basic HTML or familiarity with a content management system is helpful. The AEA website is built on a custom content management system, and AEA provides training and tutorials for new webmasters, so specialized website knowledge is not necessary to serve in this role.