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Evaluation 2015 Session #1179 Caught in the Middle: The Challenge of Maintaining Effective Evaluator-Client Relationships with Both Programs and Funders

Resources for evaluation are increasingly tied to external funding so more and more external evaluators find themselves working both with programs and their funders where there may be some expectation that the evaluator will serve both as clients. In some situations, evaluators work with...

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The Challenges and Benefits of Creating a Program Theory Model for an NSF MSP Project: Perspectives from Program Stakeholders and from the External Evaluator

Poster presentation 279: Evaluation 2015 -- We look at the challenges and benefits of creating and using a fully articulated program theory model from the perspective of the PI and program stakeholders and from the external evaluator. We use the term "program theory model" to reflect a model...

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Eval14 Paper Presentation: Using Systems Evaluation in Healthcare

Presentation by Bakken, Ross and Olson at AEA 2014. The presenters describe the findings from the first phase of an evaluation study designed to determine the contributions of a Morbidity, Mortality and Improvement Conference to changes in clinical practice and improvements in patient care at...

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Eval14 Demonstration: From Program Theory to Systems Theory: Using Logic Analysis to Reconceptualize an Evaluation

AEA Presentation on how and why an evaluation team at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center developed a systems theory for an MM&I conference using logic analysis #SystemsinEvaluation #2014Conference #ProgramTheoryandTheoryDrivenEvaluation #HealthEvaluation

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Eval 14 Conference - Establishing Outputs to Impacts: Are we Miracle Workers? Ian Patrick & Anne Markiewicz

Workshop presentation focusing on challenges that the evaluator experiences from client and stakeholder expectations that they will identify large-scale, significant impact, often from programs of limited duration. The presentation first explores different causes and ways in which this issue...

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AEA 2014 - Evaluability Assessment: Understanding the Practicality and Utilility of an Evaluation

Evaluability assessment is about exploration and discovery. It is an important tool that actively engages key stakeholders in answering the question of whether a program is ready for meaningful, useful evaluation. #AssessmentinHigherEducation #2014Conference #InternationalandCross...

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Eval13: Panel Session 89 - Using a Program-Theory Model to Create a Curriculum Rubric, Assess Leadership and Inform a Theory of Change

This panel looks at how a program-theory model has been developed and used in an evaluation of an initiative designed to transform schools by assisting high schools in the development of 12th-grade capstone courses in math and science. We highlight the program model from which we have designed a...

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Eval13: Multipaper Session 252 - Developmental Evaluation from the Outside: An External Consultant's Perspective

Paper presentation at AEA 2013 Conference. ABSTRACT: Developmental Evaluation (DE) requires the evaluator to assume a relatively new and unique role when compared to more traditional evaluation approaches. The DE role encompasses far more than the basics of data collection and analysis; the...

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