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Eval14: What are the characteristics of criteria? Investigating the requirements for defensible evaluation (AEA 2014 Session 10016)

This handout relates to my presentation at AEA 2014. It includes a set of draft ‘criteria for developing criteria’, with particular reference to public sector evaluations. The criteria derive from analysis of a survey completed as the first stage of a broader research project aimed at...


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AEA 2013: The Spaces we Occupy: Complicating Indigenous Approaches to Evaluation

Abstract: This session will complicate our understandings about indigenous approaches to evaluation. During this session we will explore four spaces that American Indians occupy in the United States, will discuss implications for evaluation in each space, and I will provide a deeper...

2013 The Spaces We Occupy.pptx

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Eval11 Session 453: Should environmental sustainability be a core value of evaluators?

This is one of three presentations from the panel entitled "Should environmental and social sustainability be a core value of AEA?" at the AEA 2011 conference. It builds on the concept of the triple bottom line (people, profit, and planet) increasingly being used in business. ...


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Eval11 Session 301: Identifying Articulating and Incorporating Values in a Program Theory: Using Workshops, Interviews and Other Techniques

This session shows how workshops and interviews can be used alongside other techniques to develop a program theory that incorporates a range of value perspectives. It will discuss the circumstances under which particular types of workshops and interviews are most useful and will show how to...

AEA 2011 final.pptx