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Eval11 Session 601: A Formative Evaluation of the Dentists Fighting Nicotine Dependence (DFND) program to prevent adolescent tobacco use in Saudi Arabia

Theory-driven evaluation design is applied to assess whether a tobacco prevention program 'Dentists Fighting Nicotine Dependence' (DFND) program could affect the determinants such as students' attitude, subjective norm, knowledge and perceived behavioral control and whether those determinants could actually decrease the number of students initiating tobacco use among adolescents in Saudi Arabia

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Tools for Theory of Change Analysis of Environmental Programs

Theory of Change Analysis (ToC analysis) is a key instrument for verification of a project logic and assessment of project results. It is a crucial element of evaluation required by multilateral agencies and international organizations, for instance, UNEP, UNDP, and WWF The trainers use a Miradi Conservation Planning software ( to teach the skill of making a ToC analysis by explaining such tools as a Conceptual Model, Results Chains, and Process Tracing. The participants will learn how to build a Conceptual Model in Miradi by matching together conservation targets, threats and opportunities; and to construct a Results Chain of activities, outputs, outcomes, and impact

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Eval11 Session 229: How program evaluation standards are put into professional practice. Development of an action theory for evaluation policy and research on evaluation

The Program Evaluation Standards, issued by the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation, aim to enhance the quality of the professional practice of evaluation. However, three decades and two major revisions after publication of their first edition, little is known beyond anecdotal evidence about the actual use and impact of the standards on the profession. The standards themselves do not explicitly articulate the mechanisms which are expected to make them instrumental in improving the practice of evaluation. Based on theoretical considerations and an analysis of the standards' underlying assumptions, a conceptual framework is proposed which outlines such mechanisms on individual and evaluation policy levels

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Innovative Ways to Represent a Theory of Change

This PowerPoint is from the session Sara Vaca and I presented at the AEA 2016 Conference entitled " Innovative Ways to Represent a Theory of Change." Please feel free to contact either of us by email (info provided on last page of slide deck) for purposes of discussion or attribution

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An Empirical Review of Theory-Driven Evaluation Practice from 1990-2008

Such theories address the focus and role of evaluation, specific questions to be studied, design and implementation, and use of results. Although its origins can be traced to Ralph Tyler in the 1930s, later reappearing in the 1960s and 1970s, and again in the 1980s, it was not until 1990 that theory-driven evaluation resonated more widely in the evaluation community with the publication of Huey Chen’s book Theory-Driven Evaluations

An Empirical Review of Theory-Driven Evaluation Practice from 1980-2008.pdf

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Eval11 Session 935: Making Contribution Analysis Work: The Benefits of Using Contribution Analysis

Yet, despite this vivid attention, as Mayne himself notes (2011), there haven't been a lot of published studies that involve the systematic application of contribution analysis. This begs a number of questions: How can we bridge the divide between the sustained interest in and actual application of CA?

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Eval13: Panel Session 89 - Using a Program-Theory Model to Create a Curriculum Rubric, Assess Leadership and Inform a Theory of Change

This panel looks at how a program-theory model has been developed and used in an evaluation of an initiative designed to transform schools by assisting high schools in the development of 12th-grade capstone courses in math and science

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