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Monitoring and evaluation of scale up within health systems

Presentation and related publications on scaling up a reproductive health innovation, using a systems oriented approach, based on a 5 year prospective study in five countries. #scaleupME #evaluationofcomplexsystems #healthinnovations

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Eval13 Session 118: Assessing Scalability

International development addresses problems that reach across borders and affect millions of people, requiring broadly applicable tools that can be sustainably applied across sectors. To do this, innovative solutions need to be effectively scaled, and this requires not only a separate skills...

MSI's Scaling in Evaluations - AEA 2013- FINAL-ext.pptx

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Eval11 Session 443: Scaling Up the Replication Ladder: Considerations in Evaluating Scale-up Efforts

Handouts and notes from Think Tank exploring challenges and promising practices associated with evaluating programs that are either considering or undertaking scale-up into new geographic regions or contexts. Participants in this session will explore challenges and promising practices associated...

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Eval11 Session 736: From Survey Data to Network Mapping and Beyond:Describing Inter-Organizational Coordination and Collaboration Networks

This session demonstrates one method for measuring inter-organizational networks using a modified version of the Levels of Collaboration Scale as part of a Funded Provider survey. Based on our experiences evaluating First 5 programs in several California counties, we will demonstrate how survey...

Resnick Demonstration Network Mapping FINAL.pptx