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Program Evaluation Tipsheet 74: Increasing Your Survey Response Rate

This document focuses on how to increase survey response rates of mail surveys. Copyright 2005 The Pennsylvania State University #Rate #Response #ExtensionEducationEvaluation #Survey #HowTo

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Session 135: Improving Response Rates for Multiple Populations: Lessons From the Field!

Participation rate is typically recognized in the literature as one of the factors that can adversely impact the strength of survey research data. This presentation describes the techniques utilized to improve participation rate in a large, university-wide assessment of institutional engagement

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Why Should I Fill this Out? Strategies for Increasing Response Rates In End-of-course Evaluations

The presentation describes a recent study of teaching faculty about the strategies used to increase response rates on end-of-course evaluations...Implications for instructors want to increase response rates are highlighted

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Focus Search - Handout to accompany SET Response Rate presentation

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Eval11 Session 618: Evaluating Behavioral Health Collaboratives: Finding the Value in Process Measures as Well as Outcomes

These presentations offered comprehensive yet practical techniques to anyone who is currently engaged in or about to be engaged in evaluating a collaborative of non-profit service providers that are trying to expand access to behavioral healthcare services across a network. The presentations...