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Eval13 Session 672: The Conference is Over, Now What? Professional Development for Novice Evaluators [Handout]

Are you a recent graduate or novice evaluator? If so, cheers to your first few years in the evaluation field! Your professional development is just beginning. Adding skills to your evaluation toolbox early will help you conduct better evaluations (and, will make you an attractive candidate with...

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Resources and Handouts for the Blog "Essential Strategies for Success in the Grant Money Game: Hot Tips for Grant Writing" by Nicole Bowman

Remember Matthew Lesko who ran around in a dollar suit and screamed enthusiastically about all the “free money” that anyone could have? Decades later, many people still think there is a ton of “free money” available. Given the economy, government budget cuts, and highly competitive nature of...

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How to Use Evaluation to Achieve HR System Alignment

This document is the combined presentation and handout for session 573 of the AEA 2010 conference. It outlines a conceptual model for talking about the HR system and how to use evaluation to inform decision-making. #Development #management #employee #evaluative #inquiry ...


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Eval 09: Influence of Evaluators' Principles on Resource Allocation Decisions

Presentation given at AEA annual conference in 2009 describing results of dissertation research on how evaluators' principles and social capital influence resource decisions, broadly defined. This study expanded on previous research by Alkin & Christie, featured in New Directions for Evaluation...

Crohn AEA 2009 - Dissertation final - MS PPT 2003 version.ppt