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Turning Communication into Collaboration: The Development of an Outcomes-Based Management Training Program

When an organization has a diverse client base, it is crucial that front-line staff develop an understanding of how to evaluate the needs of the varied individuals they serve. The presenter’s New York City based agency has implemented a Management Training Program (MTP) in which emerging leaders...

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Techniques for Overcoming Resistance to Program Evaluation

One major dilemma that is often confronted by an internal evaluator is resistance to program evaluation. The presenter has been an internal evaluator in the non-profit sector for 38 years where he learned various techniques to overcoming resistance within an organizational setting. As a VP for...

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Parallel Evaluation for Accountability and Learning

The current narrative of accountability is constructed through a neo-liberal economic perspective that is hegemonic and difficult to modify and reformulate so that the same evaluations can serve the masters of learning and bureaucratic accountability. Building on Vaclev Havel’s notions of...

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Measuring and Assessing Costs: Why All the Resistance?

A build-by-build .pdf that will provide material for our ThinkTank. Kinda loose, 'cause participants will be adding and presenting a lot of their own material! #HumanServicesEvaluation #2009Conference #TeachingofEvaluation #resistance #EvaluationUse ...

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