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Eval16 - Are We There Yet? Applying Rapid Cycle Learning Methods to Evaluation within a Foundation’s Program Design

In this panel presentation we discussed: 1) How RWJF shifted its evaluation focus from accountability to learning and prioritized rapid cycle learning (RCL); 2) How the evaluation team worked with RWJF to plan for and integrate RCL tools; and 3) How integrating RCL within the design phase positioned RWJF for learning during program implementation

AEA 2016_RCL panel slides 11.20.2016_FINAL.pdf

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Session 120 - Insights from Rapid Evaluations: Improving School Programs for Better Results

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Focus Search - Sharing the story more broadly Lessons learned * Nearly 40% of students in the sample were missing a nurse rating of need for services at the beginning of the school year 58% of students with no nurse rating reported medium or high asthma management difficulties (AMD) at pre-test Fewer than 50% of students who reported medium or high AMD at pre-test received any direct student services * * Students’ Self-Report of AMD Nurse Rating of Need Low-AMD Medium-AMD High-AMD Total Low-need 43 60 16 119 Medium-need 9 20 4 33 High-need 6 10 6 22 Not rated 47 41 24 112 Total 105 131 50 286 Double-checked data and analysis Shared results via teleconference Sent PowerPoint summary before the call When sharing the findings, we focused first on the data (did not offer interpretations) Framed questions raised by the data (not answers) * Invited the school district to offer their thoughts about what the data means first Interpretation was collaborative and iterative Results framed as a learning opportunity Open stance to various interpretations on all sides Examined our assumptions about the data * Nurses varied in their procedures for rating students’ level of need Frequent visits to the health room for asthma prompted higher need ratings Over 80% of students who were rated by nurses as medium or high need received at least one direct student service * Two measures of similar but different constructs!