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@WashEval: Facilitating Evaluation Collaboration for More Than 30 Years

Presented by Nick Hart, Washington Evaluators President-elect and David Bernstein, Washington Evaluators President. Founded in 1984 with an initial membership of 12 evaluators, the Washington Evaluators (WE) has since grown to include a professional and student membership base of more than 200...

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Eval 2016 Presentation: Exploring Essentials of Culturally Responsive Evaluation Design Among Independent Consultants

How "cultural responsiveness" is defined and addressed in an independent consulting practice has personal, professional, and business repercussions. This presentation touches on matters to address in evaluation design and program delivery intended to be culturally responsive. #designthinking ...

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Practice to Research: Shifting the Paradigm to Partner with Local Universities and Research Institutions

Eval 2016 Session: Human Service personnel are often focused on the necessity of attending to funder and regulatory requirements and the immediate need of serving their clients. These daily rigors allow little time for reflection or staying cognizant of the relevant academic literature and...

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A Critical Review of Evidence-Based Repositories in Behavioral Health

These slides are the final PowerPoint slides from this presentation. The presentation presents results from a National Institute of Health funded study titled “A Critical Review of Evidence-Based Program Repositories in Behavioral Health”. The purpose of the study was to better understand best...

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Sustaining an Evaluator Community of Practice

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Washington Evaluators (WE), a local affiliate of the American Evaluation Association (AEA). As the founding President of WE has noted, affiliates help to develop an evaluation community in a local area. WE has become an evaluation community of practice...

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Does Strategic Learning Make a Difference

This AEA 2014 handout shares key findings from our independent review of a strategic learning coaching approach designed to improve grantee effectiveness in meeting their funder's goals. The funder also participated in the strategic learning coaching as a means to inform internal adaptive...

Does Strategic Learning Make a Difference_Cohen_2014.pdf

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The Never Ending Quest for Balance: Graduate Students’ Professional Development Experiences

In an era of rising accountability, retention rates of graduate programs have come under scrutiny and student affairs professionals are being asked to help graduate students at increasing rates. In particular, Graduate Higher Education has done little to assess and understand graduate students'...


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Evaluation Feedback for Enhancing Communities of Practice: A case-study lesson in (avoiding) mixed messages

This presentation addressed sharing evaluation results as storytelling. While the data collection and findings stay constant, the ways evaluators share the results make a difference. Typically, "stories" that emerge from evaluation results follow instrumental logic that enhances the process of...


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Eval12 Session 742: Applying the 'Golden Spike' to the Research-Practice Gap

Presented as part of a panel discussion chaired by Bill Trochim called Gap or Trap? Rethinking Evaluation’s Response to Evidence-Based Programs and the Research-Practice Gap. There is a continued need to find mechanisms that enable a better connection between knowledge generation and...

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