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Evaluation Feedback for Enhancing Communities of Practice: A case-study lesson in (avoiding) mixed messages

This presentation addressed sharing evaluation results as storytelling. While the data collection and findings stay constant, the ways evaluators share the results make a difference. Typically, "stories" that emerge from evaluation results follow instrumental logic that enhances the process of...


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Eval10 Session 691: Using Norm-based Appeals to Increase Response-Rate in Evaluation Research: A Field Experiment

A field experiment was conducted to test the effectiveness of norm-based persuasive messages in the context of evaluation research. Participants in an interdisciplinary conference were invited to complete two successive post-conference surveys and randomly assigned to one of two groups at each...

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A Critical Review of Evidence-Based Repositories in Behavioral Health

Institute of Health funded study titled “A...the study was to better understand identified 20 registers, including...) a pilot study for users of evidence

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Eval11 Session 560: Evaluating the Development of Community in Communities of Practice

Presentation notes and handout for Roundtable 560: Evaluating the Development of Community in Communities of Practice, Friday 11/04/2011. There is growing interest in many sectors to use a community of practice approach for improving how work around a shared concern is done. Etienne Wenger, co...

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Focus Search - original study: Cashman, J., Linehan, P

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Eval11 Session 811: Evaluating the Effects of IPDET's Listserv as a Community of Practice: Issues and Findings

PowerPoint presentation given as part of session 811 at AEA 2011 in Anaheim. Session was titled: New Frontiers in International Development Evaluation: Key Challenges and Lessons Learned in Evaluating Online Communities of Practice.Presentation Abstract: The International Program of Development...

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Eval 2016 Presentation: Exploring Essentials of Culturally Responsive Evaluation Design Among Independent Consultants

How "cultural responsiveness" is defined and addressed in an independent consulting practice has personal, professional, and business repercussions. This presentation touches on matters to address in evaluation design and program delivery intended to be culturally responsive. #designthinking ...

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Focus Search - of study interest? What is “respectful

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Systems Level Evaluation of Communities of Practice Slides and Handouts from SI10

Session Description: In an environment of increasing social participation and transparency, communities of practice are one means to unite a variety of partners to address common issues, share resources, and learn new information. When asked to design an evaluation of this type of complex...

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