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Eval10 Session 330: Marketing the Online You: Developing and Maintaining an Online Presence

Constructing websites, building online narratives, and integrating and interlinking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader are part of this process

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Focus Search - * * * Facebook Go to: to sign up for an account Helpful Guide: * Facebook Control access Create an image Reflect your character Demonstrate professionalism Organize your connections Give a consistent message * * Combine Platforms with Tweetdeck Go to: Download directly to your phone * * Get LinkedIn – It’s Still About Networking Go to: to sign up for an account Develop your “professional” Facebook * * LinkedIn Account Puts you on the Google map Keeps your address book current Answers and Groups allow you to interact & collaborate with other experts Connects you with jobs, helps you make sales, and introduces you to additional colleagues * * Google Reader News Aggregator * Sign into your Google account Choose where you want to get information * Google Reader Lists * Get organized View as a whole or by those you follow Make sure people can connect to you through your website * Worksheet – Now What?