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Eval11 Session 811: Evaluating the Effects of IPDET's Listserv as a Community of Practice: Issues and Findings

PowerPoint presentation given as part of session 811 at AEA 2011 in Anaheim. Session was titled: New Frontiers in International Development Evaluation: Key Challenges and Lessons Learned in Evaluating Online Communities of Practice

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Eval10 Session 327: Evaluating a Multisite 21st Century Learning Program: Strategies and Results

The slides describe an evaluation of the Schools of the Future Initiative (SOTF) funded by the Hawaii Community Foundation. The first part describes the conceptualization of the initiative and analyses in the first year of the SOTF initiative. The second part is about a component of the initiative, online communities of learners; and describes the analyses performed on the participation and purpose of participation

AEA presentation Nov 11.pptx

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Eval10 Session 691: Using Norm-based Appeals to Increase Response-Rate in Evaluation Research: A Field Experiment

A field experiment was conducted to test the effectiveness of norm-based persuasive messages in the context of evaluation research. Participants in an interdisciplinary conference were invited to complete two successive post-conference surveys and randomly assigned to one of two groups at each time point. The experimental group received a message asking them to complete an online survey that highlighted a descriptive social norm indicating typical response rates among attendees of prior similar conferences

AEA 2010-Synopsis and List of Resources-2.docx

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Eval10 Session 330: Marketing the Online You: Developing and Maintaining an Online Presence

Demonstration Session 330 to be held in Bowie A on Thursday, Nov 11, 3:35 PM to 4:20 PM Sponsored by the Independent Consulting TIG The purpose of this demonstration is to illustrate the basic steps in creating an online presence that extends your professional reach to a much broader audience. Development of your online identity can help you articulate and leverage your value across a variety of different media

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Focus Search - In making this decision should she consider the potential consequences to Kelsey and Amber of this decision?

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Eval11 Session 275: Introduction to website evaluation

The presentation focuses on websites, rather than services delivered online (such as counselling over the internet) which might be the subject of another paper

Website Evaluation AEA 2011 ForUpload.pdf