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AEA 2015 Session 2063 Advocacy as a Team Game Evaluating Multi-stakeholder advocacy efforts

This session at AEA 2015 explored various challenges and elements of evaluating multi-stakeholder advocacy efforts. It approached the topic from a variety of angles, including research on how advocates see their own network and coalition work; examination of contribution analysis and how to...

AEA 2015 Session 2063 Advocacy as a Team Game Evaluating Multi stakeholder advocacy efforts.pdf

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Eval12 Poster 168: Evaluating Social Interventions and the Diffusion of STEM Teaching and Learning Materials

Although much is now known about how students learn, little is known about the process by which computer-assisted, cutting-edge teaching and learning materials and practices are diffused and brought into the undergraduate classroom. In May 2010, the American Sociological Association (ASA)...


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Eval11 Session 887: Measuring Inter-Agency Collaboration and Coordination in First 5 Fresno County: Experiences of Evaluators and Stakeholders in Understanding Systems Change Over Time

Session by G. Resnick and O. Arnold. Improvement in the system of care in Fresno County is expected to occur as a result of the funding provided by First 5 Fresno under CA Proposition 10 for services for families and their children from birth through five years of age. To assess systems...

Resnick and Arnold Weaving Networks V4.pptx

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Mapping Extension's Networks

PowerPoint from demonstration session presented at 2001 AEA Conference, Extension Education TIG #outreach #mapping #networks #ExtensionEducationEvaluation #2010Conference #Extension #social network analysis #SocialNetworkAnalysis

Mapping Extensions Networks -- AEA 2010.pptx