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Making the Most of a Logic Model

This deck shows three methods to increase the value of logic models to clients. First, Model Heat Mapping will demonstrate logic models being used to tie a funder’s financial support to model components. Second, Cohort Logic Modeling will illustrate how logic models can be used across a funding...

AEA Logic Model Presentation 102916 FINAL CLEAN.pptx

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Evaluation of a Multi-Site, Out-of-School-Time Program: Contextual, Individual, and Combined Influences on Outcomes

In this paper the results of an evaluation of a multi-site, out-of-school-time program are presented. A particular focus will be on evaluation findings concerning the separate and combined impacts of site (or contextual) characteristics and individual participant differences in determining...

Evaluation of a Multi-Site, Out-of-School-Time Program.pptx

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Eval11 Session 817: How Practitioners and Researchers Can Use Models to Build and Sustain Evaluation Capacity

Presentations made by Steffen Bohni & Sebastian Lemire; Tina Taylor-Ritzler; Jean King on models and instruments to measure and build evaluation capacity #OrganizationalLearningandEvalCapacityBuilding #Modelsofandinstrumentstomeasureevaluationcapacity #2011Conference

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Eval11 Session 904: Building a "Super" Logic Model

PowerPoint presentation from Session 904 - Building a "Super" Logic Model: Development of a System of Tiered Logic Models to Identify Key Outcomes in a Large Nonprofit Organization #LogicModels #Non-ProfitsandFoundationsEvaluation #2011Conference

Connors, Challender, Schlose - AEA 2011.pptx

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Logic Models as a Platform for Program Evaluation Planning, Implementation, and Use of Findings Slides from SI10

Session Description: Practitioners use logic models to describe important components of a program; make visible a theory of change; and link activities to intended outcomes. For the purposes of evaluation practice, a well-constructed logic model provides a program-specific foundation for...

Logic Models CDC-AEA eval inst FINAL for AEA website.pdf

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Systems Thinking and Logic Models: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

Notes and presentation slides from Evaluation 2009 Think Tank Session 455. This think tank challenged participants to think of systems and logic models as complementary tools for evaluation. Examples of both types of models, as well as an example of an integrated model, were used as the basis...

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Every Picture Tells a Story: Flow Charts, Logic Models, LogFrames, Etc. What They Are and When to Use Them Slides and Handouts from SI10

Session Description: A host of visual aids are in use in planning and evaluation. This session will introduce you to some of the most popular ones—with an emphasis on flow charts, logic models, project network diagrams, and logframes. We’ll review the content and format of each one and then...

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Qualitative Evaluation Approaches Sildes and Handouts from SI10

Session Description: Practical qualitative evaluation methods will be shared for community health programs. The workshop will be an overview of qualitative methods that include the use of logic models, social ecology principles, participatory-based strategies, and basic data analysis methods....

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