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Evaluation and Strategy Learning Circles

They are from the presentation on Evaluation Learning Circles by Cohen Research & Evaluation, LLC, and the Comprehensive Health Education Foundation

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Focus Search - WHAT HAPPENS IN ADVANCE OF EACH LEARNING CIRCLE SESSION Identify one salient strategic question

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Eval11 Session 867: Knowledge Creation in Healthcare Organizations as a Result of Individual's Participation in the Executive Training in the Use of Evidence Informed Decision Making

Evaluations of attemps to improve the use of evidence informed decision making in healthcare organizations have focused on impact on individual skills and knowledge and failed to grasp how learning processes occur in the organizations. We conducted a research project on the organizational impact...

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Focus Search - critical mass seems to be less of an issue for the transfer of attitudes, which was achieved when EXTRA fellows and SEARCHers held central and/or leadership positions in their organizations on the rare occasions it occurred, skills transfer was limited to a close circle around the fellow or SEARCHer: a high number of program participants may be required to achieve an organizational impact on skills

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Eval12 Poster 69: Measuring Learning in Youth Development Programs Using Personal Meaning Maps

Poster 69: Measuring Learning in Youth Development Programs Using Personal Meaning Maps Presenter(s): Amy Grack Nelson, Science Museum of Minnesota, Gayra Ostgaard, Science Museum of Minnesota, Abstract: Many youth development programs have content...

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Focus Search - Youth 9 *Youth 9 didn’t participate in an entry interview • Migration (Drawing of birds flying) • Renewable energy indicated by a circle made out of arrows • Drawing of a tree followed by two consecutive pictures of the tree cut down • Drawing of a person sweating with the sun beating down • Drawing of a person shivering brrrr with either snow or rain falling on them • Climate change affects the water (picture of the earth with the sun beating down from all sides and a dead fish) • Co2 has been rising because of factories (picture of a factory with pollution coming out of the top) which leads to a toxic cloud followed by an arrow to another cloud that is raining acid rain on plants • Musical note: Reminds me of the song we made

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Empowering Non-profits through an Evaluation Learning Community

Assisting afterschool youth development programs to utilize evaluation to improve program quality and drive decision making through funding technology, developing shared metrics, and sharing findings in a peer learning environment. Included are all three powerpoints presented and a sample...

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Focus Search - Conducted individual follow-up meetings with agencies to review evaluation matrix draft for their agency Core Area Youth Development and Leadership: Life Skills & Peer Leadership Programming Goal Provide multi-faceted programming that includes life skills education, individual and family leadership development, healthy family development and Programs / Target Population Botvin’s Life Skills (Youth ages 10 – 18) Second Step program (Youth ages 10 – 14) Too Good For Drugs and Violence (Youth ages 5 – 9) Girls Circle (Females ages 9 – 18) Boys Council (Males ages 9 – 18) Peer Leadership (Youth ages 13 – 18) Setting El Dorado Charter High School Willis Junior High School ICAN ICAN ICAN ICAN (other sites?)